Green Policies & Water Saving

"Commitment to Green Policies & Water Conservation:

At Knysna Manor House, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability and water conservation. Our green policies aim to reduce our ecological footprint and promote responsible tourism. Key initiatives include:

1. **Water-Saving Measures:**
- Implementation of water-efficient fixtures and appliances.
- Regular monitoring of water consumption to identify and address inefficiencies.

2. **Linen and Towel Reuse Program:**
- Guests are encouraged to participate in our linen and towel reuse program to minimize water usage in laundry.

3. **Energy-Efficient Practices:**
- Use of energy-efficient lighting and appliances to reduce overall energy consumption.
- Regular maintenance and upgrades to enhance energy efficiency.

4. **Waste Reduction and Recycling:**
- Implementation of recycling programs to minimize waste.
- Encouraging guests to participate in responsible waste disposal practices.

5. **Landscaping Practices:**
- Water-wise landscaping to reduce irrigation needs.
- Use of native plants that are adapted to the local climate.

6. **Guest Education:**
- Providing information to guests about our green initiatives and encouraging them to participate in our efforts.

By staying with us, you contribute to our commitment to sustainability. We appreciate your cooperation and support in preserving the beauty of Knysna and its surroundings."

Green Policies

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Since taking over Knysna Manor House in 2007, we have implemented policies that ensure that our guesthouse has as little impact on the planet as possible.

All biodegradable waste is composted

All paper, glass and plastics are recycled

Our guesthouse of 13 rooms produces less waste than an average family household

Water Saving

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current rate of water usage continues, demand is likely to exceed supply at some point in the not-too-distant future. The improvement of water conservation, water quality and water-use efficiency is a key national priority, when compared against a global rainfall average of 870 mm per year, the country only receives 450mm. This makes South Africa the world’s 30th driest country. Some projections estimate that South Africa already exploits about 98% of its available water supply

All Water from the laundry at Knysna Manor House is used as "grey" water in the garden, and for washing outside areas

Knysna Manor House encourages guests to take quick showers, reuse towels for more than a day, and only change bed linens every three days.

Rainwater is collected and used for the garden and swimming pool.