Spring is in the air

Posted on Sat August 23, 2014.

Whilst the managers, Brenda and Anthony Liddle have been on a much deserved break, we have been busy at Knysna Manor House

What an amazing week in Knysna (apart from the weather), but we are getting ready for the large influx of visitors not only to Knysna but to our guesthouse.

Rooms have been springcleaned from top to bottom, carpets shampooed, curtains washed.  Although the weather might not have been as good to us as we would have liked, it has helped by keeping us indoors and busy.

Whilst we have been in Knysna, we took a boat trip via Odyssey Tours to see the whales, and we were not disappointed.  

Spent a lovely moring at the Sedgefield Farmers market this morning, and despite the cold wind, it was packed with people with a lovely buzzing atmosphere.

We met some wonderful guests this week, Mr and Mrs Dibbs from Durban, the Westendorp family from Holland, Jewlyn from Hawai (and Vegas), Tanya who was staying with us whilst working on busines and various tour guides.  Thank you for the wonderful interactions, and the opportunity to help you where possible.