Beaked Whale

Posted on Sat May 17, 2014.

Ocean Odyssey Whale Watching and Eco Trips' new addition to the premises of their shop front is a prime example of the Knysna brand, Naturally Knysna.

The new addition, a beautiful cast mould of a True’s Beaked whale, is currently being painted by local artist Israel Gama and proudly overlooks the jetties outside the Ocean Odyssey offices at Thesen Island Harbour Town.

According to respected professor Vic Cockcroft, Director for the Centre for Dolphin Studies, this whale, which he identified as a True’s Beaked Whale, beached near Plettenberg Bay around eight years ago. A cast mould was made and a replica of the 5.8 meter whale produced. “It is a great attraction for passers-by,” explained Evelyn Pepler, Ocean Odyssey Whale Watching and Eco Trips co-owner.

The dolphin family Ziphiidae consist of 22 species of which the Beaked whale is one.  “These toothed whales are notable for their elongated beaks,” explained Evelyn. The True’s beaked whale, only identified in 1913, is one of the least known members of the family.

You will be well advised to take a walk down to the water’s edge and view the replica of this magnificent species for yourself. Well done to Evelyn and her team in recognising the importance of Naturally Knysna.

No longer do Knysna tourists have to travel to Plettenberg Bay to experience the whales up close and personal. As the official whale watching permit holder, Ocean Odyssey is the only vessel allowed to approach whales in the Knysna area.  Their permit allows them to approach whales to within 50m.

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